Civil Engineering Services and Land Planning

Our Civil Engineering Services include:

land planning services

Grading and Drainage Plans
Methods to contain or drain rainwater on property, almost always required for new construction or modifications.

Site Improvement Plans
Set of plans and associated information showing the existing and proposed conditions of the lot.
Street Improvement Plans
Conveys information about the improvements planned for construction/modification to streets.

Subdivision Improvement Plans
Set of plans and information related to existing and proposed conditions of subdivisions.

ADA Compliance Studies
Address the special needs of physically challenged persons in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Earthwork Quantities
Civil engineering work involving moving quantities of soil.

Hydrology Studies/Design
Study of movement, distribution and quality of water including hydrologic cycle, water resources and environmental watershed sustainability.

C.3 Stormwater Plans/Calculations
Identifying potential sources of stormwater pollution, and describing stormwater control measures.

Erosion Control Plans
Preventing or controlling wind or water erosion to prevent water pollution and soil loss.

Sewer, Water, and Storm Drain Design/Plans
Efficient water waste removal and drainage practices, design and implementation.


  • Land Planning and Land Use Studies
  • Tentative Mpas
  • Annexations
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